Thursday, July 17, 2008

Perks and Perils to living in the country.

Well, it's been awhile since I last and first posted. I feel that I must tell you that I haven't been able to type on the computer to post anything. You see, I live in the country and I love it. I was raised in the city, well the suburbs. Then I went to college, met and married my husband and that was the end of my city living. We have lived out in the country most of our married lives together. Sometimes, I must admit that I have missed the city life, but I soon adjusted to the ways of country living. Now, I am a full fledged country girl. Maybe not born and bred country by birth, and maybe not a farm girl to what most people think as a farm girl with the barn, pigs, cows, sheep, chickens etc. But, then again, to some extent, yes, I am.

I live in a house on a dirt road, with a long driveway, to which we often ask each other if we want to take a walk to go get the mail each day. We have several machines--IE, tractors, trucks tanks sprayers, etc. that are used in our business. Several animals are in the surrounding area-across the fence-donkeys and cows, and well though they aren't chickens, we do on occasions have quail, and peacocks running around in the yard. Once, I even saw a bobcat in our driveway, and told my husband. He didn't believe me, at first.Then he was out taking pictures and it cross the drive in front of him and he got it on camera. It didn't see him, but you could tell it heard the camera shutter click open and shut.

I was driving home the other night and I saw a fox, as I was on the way home. I just love to see the wildlife. I had never seen a deer or anything such as this before I met my husband except a goose-domestic of course, but that is another story for another time. The only animals I had seen where domestic or at the zoo. Never any wild animals in their natural habitat, except for maybe the birds and rabbits that invaded our yard/garden, oh and the squirrels.

There are a few wild things that I don't really want to run into, but have on occasion seen in the wild, especially down here. I wouldn't expect some of you to have the prospect of the same experience, when you live in the city. These type of creatures are not so fun to see, or be surprised by. I have had a few snakes in my yard, and I mean one was a nice big rattlesnake!!!

Actually, I had 2 in one year, and believe me, I wasn't happy!!!!! I had some other snakes in the yard before too, but, they weren't the poison kind. I try not to mess with, but try to protect the King snakes-they will kill the rattlesnakes. We also have lots of frogs, toads turtles--which are called gofers,(not the furry creatures on the prarie), down here for some reason--but they're the land turtles or tortoise. You really don't want to have these things around 'cuz the rattlesnakes cohabit with them. Also, if by chance you happen to have a pond on your property, you could very well have an alligator. Some of them aren't to fun to have around either. Many a pet have been made a meal out of by one of these varmints. Some people still think that it's

fun to feed the alligators--NOT WISE!!! People have been attacked too, and when alligators aren't afraid of man anymore, well let's just say that I could have been a widow the other day. Fortunately, this gator still had that innate fear of man and left him alone, or else, my hubby was well watch over by his guardian angel or extremely lucky or the gator wasn't hungry. You take your pick!!! I'm just glad my dear hubby is still here!!!

Anyway, getting back to why I couldn't type to post. I was out feeding the dogs-Did I mention that we have dogs and cats? Well, we do, quite a few of each actually. When I went to let them out to go to the bathroom so I could get their bowls and clean the kennels, they knocked over the big fan that we have out there to help keep them cool. Not only did they knock it over but they bent the fan blade, and it made a terrible racket. I thought it was going to come out of the frame and chop my head off kinda noise. I tried to turn it off but had to unplug it. That's when my son and I found that the blade had been bent along with the support for the frame-thus the horrific noise. Well, my son and I preceded to bend the fan blade back and the frame and put the grill back on the outside of the fan. He was putting the screws back in, so, I was going to help him and apply some counter pressure on the bottom of the fan frame with my hand. The instant I had placed my hand underneath the frame, I withdrew it in terrible pain. I had no idea what had happened. I mean it wasn't even a 1000Th of a sec and my finger was throbbing like something had been shoved up under my fingernail, but I couldn't see anything. It was stinging and throbbing. I instantly let go of the fan and grabbed my finger, and couldn't let go. If I let off pressure, it felt as if the pain was spreading up the joint and into the hand. With every beat of my heart the pain seem to worsen. I've been stung before-just recently in the back of all places when I was walking back to the house. However, this pain was so much different. There wasn't anything in sight, and I had to finally go in the house to tend to my finger and let my son carry on alone. Inside, the pain kept getting worse. I washed off the area, and poured bleach on it first!! Then my husband sprayed benadryl topical on the area several times. Next he went to the medicine cabinet and got the oral benadryl. I'm not even sure how much my husband gave me, maybe 150mg?? The pain kept on w/o easing off. We then put ice on the area and more sprayed on topical benadryl. Then we crushed an aspirin, mixed w/water and made a paste to put on it. More ice. After awhile I finally was able to relax. But, I was getting stuffy and it was kinda hard to breathe through my nose. So, I made my husband give me another antihistamine--this time a Loratadine(claritin, over the counter kind). My finger was red and swollen for several days. I'm finally able to type. I never did figure out what happened, although I've had a couple of people say that it could have been a scorpion sting. I think I was fortunate, 'cuz I don't think I got a full blown bite or sting. I feel that it could have been a whole lot worse than it was. My husband was really worried, and at one point he even thought that it might've been a snakebite.

He went out after he got me taken care of which wasn't too long and looked with a flashlight, but didn't see anything. Oh, yea, I forgot to tell you that this all took place about the time the sun was going down. I just didn't know I was going to be out there more than a few minutes. How was I suppose to know that the dogs were going to cause all this commotion. When we were working on the fan, I had to go and turn a light on so we could see. Thus, the perks and Perils of country living.

Smiles to you.

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