Monday, July 28, 2008

Bumps in Life

...oooooooooooooh soooooooooooooooo long ago that I posted to my blog. I'm probably the only reader now. It's Like reading a good book in a series, but you didn't know that when you started and you are just left hanging. Maybe it is a TV show that is really interesting and has you waiting for the end or the wrap up, and then -- WHAM, BAM , BOOM!-- They hit you with that kick in the stomach-"continued" word.

Well, you have to admitt that I didn't at least leave you with the dreaded "continue" word. I just left and haven't been back to post until now. Don't take it personally, remember "Q-tip", (quit taking it personally) lol. I didn't really leave you. I just took a break to do some cutting and sewing for the lottery blocks this month, and try to catch up on some other sewing that I need to do along with my many other responsibilities.

Everything was going well with the cutting and the stacking and I could even get to the machine. I had everything laid out to start sewing with my trusty pattern right at my side. Husband out of town and not a mouse to bother me. Only the dogs, and cats, who did their utmost to make-up for the fact that I had no other distractions. However, even they weren't going to stop me from my goal to get those lottery blocks done.

You see, since we started these monthly lottery blocks, I have always been right on the wire of getting them done and sent out at the last minute. This month I was determined to be an early bird. Funny how things work in one's life isn't it. I had every intention of starting the blocks earlier this month when my last story took place. Thus the perks of being able to get them in early at time, turned into peril when I was unable to use my right hand, and yes, I am right-handed. Foiled at that point, but I still had time.

My hand healed, and I was able to get the material cut, plus some other that needed to be cut too. Had it all laid out and ready to go. Sat down at My "Sea Legs", and turned him on!!!!! Remember dh is out of town---roflol-pimp!!!! I started sewing, and I was just going and going. Sea Legs was just humming, and humming. Soon, pieces were attached, and one by one they were added together. Soon I hit a delimma, and then I knew!!!

Well that was that!!! Sure are pretty blocks, too bad I can't send them. I will just have to keep them and make something with them myself. I made 4, and I really liked them. What I have been trying to do is always make twice as many as I send. That way I get to keep 1/2 of what I make, and also get entered in the contest by sending the other 1/2 to who ever won the previous month. So far it has worked out wonderful. I have at least 1 block from all the blocks that have been choosen, and at the end, I intend to make a lottery block quilt for that year.

This time I really messed up, and wasn't paying attention to the pattern. My blocks had a piece sewn to the wrong end, and thus my blocks are now spinning the wrong way or in the opposite direction then they are suppose to be spinning in. The blocks turned out great, except for this flaw. lol What a pattern reader I turned out to be. (laughing to myself-outloud). I'm reminded of the song from Hee Haw. (we often gathered around the tv at my grandparents house to enjoy watching and singing along with the hee-haw gang) Oh the immortal words that haunt me now--"Gloom, despair, and agony on me. If it weren't for bad-luck I'd have no luck at all. Gloom, despair, and agony on me, whooooooo is me. lol I just know that I'm gaining lots, and lots, of info by the tons, tons, tons. If I hadn't even attempted to do the blocks I know that I wouldn't have learn anything at all.

That also goes for if everything went just swimmingly perfect. How would I ever learn anything. It's the bumps and the pot holes on the road of life that teach us which way to go. These teach us how to maneauver through life's traffic. Think about it, we meet people everday of life on the road, some move in the fast lane and some in the slow, and some are all over the place. Eventually, we have to pass or change lanes. If we never had a bump or a pothole to deal with and never learned how to maneauver and just kept going straight all the time. Well, what a boring ride that would be. Or maybe it wouldn't be boring, but if you didn't budge look at all the wrecks you'd have!!! Either way, I am grateful for the bumps and potholes on my road. What about you.

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Sandy C. said...

Shannon, oh Shannon! They look great, even if they aren't like the pattern. Just remember...the pattern is a guide! lol That's my story and I am sticking to it. The pattern is just a guide.